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Chrome Laser Treatments

Our Chrome Lase Station is the only multiwavelength platform with NanoFrax technology and dedicated patient-centric Skin Apps. We are equipped with multiple wavelengths and modalities to treat all skin types safely.

Our top of the line laser, the Quanta Chrome, is safe to use with all skin types and colors. We can remove tattoos completely or enough to be covered, remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body, and take care of spider veins, unwanted scars, pigmentation issues, and fine lines & wrinkles. Click here to learn more and see before and after pictures.

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Hair Removal

Single treatments and discounted packages available

● Lip, chin, neck, or eyebrow

● Bikini, arms, beard, underarm

● Brazilian, back, chest, lower legs, thighs

● 10-30 minutes per treatment


● Large

● Medium

● Small

● 10-20 minutes per treatment

Photo Facial Treatment (IPL)

● Full Face

● Face & Neck

● Face, Neck, & Chest

● 30-40 minutes per treatment

Tattoo Removal

● Four treatments per package

● Variable booking times

Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, & Vascular Lesions

● Two treatments per package

● 3o minutes per treatment

Scar Treatment

● Three treatments per package

● 30 minutes per treatment

Laser Facials

This innovative full-face laser treatment is non-invasive, targets sun damage, wrinkles, dark spots, blood vessels in multiple skin layers, and also reduces redness and other irregularities while firming tissue for an utterly revitalized look.

Naturapeel Facials

Using an organic bamboo cream rich in antioxidants to stimulate collagen, this facial removes skin impurities and reduces enlarged pores for smooth, radiant skin making it the ultimate skin detox!