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Weight Loss Program (Stand-alone service):  $375/ monthly or $100 weekly

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Silver: in conjunction with one other service already purchased

$350 monthly or $92.50 weekly

Gold: in conjunction with two other services already purchased

$325 monthly or $87.50 weekly

Platinum: in conjunction with three other services already purchased

+ 10% off of all retail purchases

$300 monthly or $80 weekly

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With 70% of the American population overweight, our weight loss program using the GLP1 receptor agonist semaglutide is safe for most people. Fasting labs are required before beginning the program. Fifteen-twenty three percent of total weight loss has been achieved successfully with no rebound weight gained when lifestyle modification is used and a maintenance dose is continued for three months after reaching goal weight.

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Semaglutide is the injection, which is the generic form of ozempic and wegovy.

We do not take insurance or CareCredit. We accept cash, debit, credit, check, FSA/HSA.

Goal weight loss: 7-10 pounds a month but as long as you are tolerating the injections well, we can increase them as fast as you want

Plan to stay on the meds for 3 months after the goal weight obtained to allow time for your body to readjust to its new norm to prevent gaining all of the weight back.